Body Kit:









VIN Numbers:

1.8T - 185 PS ( ... original ECU reduced from 193PS to 185PS due to the bad pertol quality in UAE

5-Speed manual Gearbox

VW RACING Wheels 9X18" - ET10 with 235/40ZR-18 tires

Single Pipe Exhaust and wiping the muffler ( original VW part ! )

Parts of the RSI body kit were installed, but according to a project employee, a lot of them were specially adapted.
Reason: The Cup Beetle is based on the NB platform - the RSI on the Golf Synchro platform!
Extras: wide fenders, door sills, wide rear racing spoiler, roof spoiler, deep front and rear apron,
special trunk floor with elevation for the full-size spare wheel.

Special Race Seats from KOENIG in blue / black & embroided with Millenium LOGO

Bilstein suspension, H&R springs rear - springs from VW Race department in the front

Drilled aluminum padals

Single Tacho unit covering 260 Km 

Only 3 colors built - most cars in Silver, a few in Technoblue and Black

Doorpanels and interiour in black plastic design

CUP MILLENNIUM stickers - left & right on the doors​

There were only 80 ( 82 ) cars ever built & imported in Dubai - all for the royal family!

No continuous VIN numbers can be observed. Ready cars were just picked from the warehouse and then rebuilt in the pilot department according to production staff




  • Based on many inquiries and the well-known VW company structure, there are NO SPARE PARTS for these cars!

  • WHY? - because the cars were never implementet in the VW Spare Parts System (... according to dealers & project managers).

  • Spare parts for the BODY KIT could only be ordered and bought via "detours" and through relationships with casual VW dealers - in principle "illegally"! You needed the VIN number (car papers) of one in the system known "RSI BEETLE" , a cool and flexible VW partner workshop who would place the order making it look like a RSI spare part in the "VW system"!
    For long time the VW Racing Department in Wolfsburg was involved for the orders & their confirmation, but later on this process has passed on to the "Classic Car Devision" till date! Even there many parts are no longer available !

  • This spare part problem & the extreme heat in the Middle East (50 ° in summer) are one reason that, with a few exceptions, all cars sold slowly but surely "fall apart, literally rot & in various backyards" over the years. Repaired or painted "or" patched "with all sorts of none VW parts. Rear and front aprons of the standard Beetle installed, converted to " Extrem Show Cars ", provided with unreal performance pushes of 450 PS and then at some point ending on a " Scrap Yard " or in Backyard of a farm or Sheik's mansion close to the desert.

  • In UAE I know some 10 decent cars with original paint & original stickers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
    A really great car in Spain - taken by a Sheik to his spanish property & then most probably sold there!

  • Another reason for this condition is the UAE vehicle test, which does not allow stickers on private cars - the distinctive Millennium Cup Edition stickers were simply removed at the test & could not be reordered again and placed later on.
    That's the reason, why you will find most running cars with only " similar, homemade or no stickers " at all.

  • After damage caused by accidents or the many "SPEED bumps" in UAE, many cars were repainted after repairs, fixed with wrong parts from standard Beatles & LOGO's , sloping interiors, dissolving, sticky & broken plastic parts poorly glued, etc ...

  • See example pictures in the gallery!

  • I keep getting inquiries from the few remaining car owners who are desperately looking for parts after accidents in the UK, France or Sweden! If anyone has any please let me know - maybe I can help?