CUP EDITION BEETLE - Original & " Insheeption "

Wrong Decor - after vehicle test!

The UAE vehicle test (TÜV) basically doesn't allow stickers on private cars. These stickers very often were removed by the owners at the test just to assure passing the test and couldn't be reordered with the VW dealer after that.


Of course, there also are " culturally based ways" called " good connections " - where exceptions were made and even cars with decor passed the "Vehicle Test".


I also was lucky enough knowing the right people ... :)

Interior wrong or disconcerting rework

There are two options for this ....


a) The car was bought by a young Sheik - then immediately handed over to a " family known " workshop to get a personal touch & look different to normal peoples cars.


b) Over the years the door covers & some panels slowly fell off - the adhesives dissolved - and eventually ended up in a backyard workshop (Iraqi, Palestinian, etc ..).

The places for usual " general overhauling " in UAE!

Decor partly missing - wrong wheels

With this car they could probably make the decor very similar to the CUP EDITION decor but missed the Millennium sticker.

The reason definitely was the repainting (... what ever reason they had for )!

The rims too no longer have the original design and were probably adapted to the personal taste of the owner during the " retreading " and done in Titan colors this case.

Missing Rear Grid - exhaust grid

Same issues like above car assumed.


Complete painting - whatever reason for ?

- missing MILLENNIUM sticker

- Rims "refined" to owners taste

- Exhaust grill missing ... probably broken & not available

Multiple repairs & repaints 

Due to the many "speed bumps" in UAE, the miserable parking behavior of the road users there and the somehow aggressive driving style of many drivers, the painting of the front spoiler & rear apron in UAE developed into a kind of hobby - you do it again and again & when time is ready for! A car without painted front fairing or fenders is a rarity! The fact that the paint will not last as expected is just a side effect and missing skills!

Painted in backyards under open air & the painters background is " a strong will & pur learning by doing "

Complete new interiour design

Judging by the circumstances which is " learning by doing " the result of most retreads are very respectable but at the end not really professional and do not last as expected.


But the fact that somebody " mutilates " a unique collecter item - 80 cars built only !! - to apply a personal touch, I would rather call stupid and presumptuous - my opinion!


Dissolving Door panels & covers

As a result of climatical conditions & external influences in UAE, the linings, the headliner, etc ... are basically disintegrating over the years and falling off (... the glue simply dissolves) and the plastic parts become porous!

Once trying to dislodge panels, remove switches or similar, there is this unpleasant "crackle" noise and as a result usually tears in the eyes. This issue not only applies to the Millennium Beetles but runs through the hole range of VW models built during these years and been driven in UAE!