BODY KIT - copy of the RSI BEETLE

Many of the RSI body kit parts were used for the conversion. Spoiler, front & rear apron and the side skirts had to be partially adjusted, because they had to fit on the NB base plate!

The most striking feature of the car is probably the very successful decor on both doors, which clearly indicates the reason why this "hobby racer" was launched.

The cars were ordered and built as gifts by the ruling family in Dubai for family members only!

Only years later the cars found some ways to Expats in UAE!

Front Fairing - same like RSI Beetle

A very deep front spoiler also indicates the ambitions of this car. It has to be an eye-catcher and the designers obviously did a great job.


In addition, the large grill grille perfectly supports the air flow to the various coolers (water, charge air, air conditioning, etc.). The air conditioning system is of course also very important because of the geographic location of the UAE and max. Temperatures of up to 50 degrees in summer.

Rear Fairing - Single Pipe Exhaust

The back design of the of the Millennium Beetle also perfectly fits with the front apron. Shape, grill, exhaust position, etc. naturally reminds of the RSI.

The only difference here is the single exhaust pipe.

Where the second exhaust pipe emerges for the RSI, the reversing light was installed on the Millennium Beetle. Unfortunately I had to give my Beetle a silencer from the standard series to get a German road approval, which completely swallowed up the brutal sound of the "original Millennium Beetle" ... too bad  :(  ! 

SPOILER - Defuser

The rear spoiler, a clear RSI Beetle sparepart, was not only screwed onto the tailgate, but also welded inside with the necessary stiffeners and support to be able to withstand the resulting pressure at the mountings!

But this is only visible behind the cladding.

Wolfsburg did a sensible job here too, and avoided just assembling an optic package for some rich Arabs !

The defuser above the rear window also perfectly fits with the design & of course improves the airflow to the spoiler.

VW Racing Wheels

A real eyecatcher are the rims and and tires.

A feast for the eyes ... 

The LOGO from VW RACING gives the wheels a classy but also aggressive look.


A rim size of 9X18 "- ET10 and tires of 235 / 40ZR-18 is perfectly fitting the design of the Millennium Cup Beetle!

I don't think nobody ever would question whether these tires are necessary for the cars performance?

NO - that just fits & is part of the look!

Trunk - raised floor for spare wheel

In the trunk of the Millennium Beetle, a simple increase in the floor using a hard foam insert providing the required room for a spare wheel in its original size.

I think it's a good decision - a run-flat wheel with 165 tires would have had something really "embarrassing" for the owner of the car! ... at least that's how I feel!

Why theyhave also placed the typical " Information sticker " of a normal "run-flat wheel" on the spare wheel is a mystery to me?

Motor - 1.8T - AVC ( ? APH ? )

In order to make the car suitable for everyday use, the proven 1.8T 4-cylinder engines were installed. But there are also different global versions which VW seemed having stumbled over during the manufacturing process of the car.

The first discrepance is an APH motors listed in the documentation supplied by the dealer, but an AVC engine listed on the engine timing belt cover! VW confirms that the AVC version has been installed in the standard series at the Mexico Plant ! Were & When & What had happened to cause such a  "hick up" in the documentation?

Der original Car ID - VIN sticker

A simple & first way to confirm a real "Millennium Cup Edition Beetle" is the VW sticker with the VIN number at the left door. The special thing here is the Arabic-made manufacturer & VIN information on the sticker on the B-pillar of the driver's door side!

Certainly all of this also applies to all the other Standard Beetle sold in UAE. BUT "None" of the other Beetle can be assigned to the CUP Millennium Edition Beetles series via their VIN number!

Dashboard - Interior

The interior of the CUP EDITION Beetle has also been given a different look compaired to a standard New Beetle.


The entire interior - paneling, covers, center shelf, hand rest, etc. ... are held in black color and provide the car a touch and appearance of a racing car.


Only the blue fabric covers of the seats contrast with the surrounding ambience.


The MILLENNIUM CUP EDITION Beetle was not only given a speedometer of up to 260 km/h due to its sporty appearance. This most probably was taken from V5 Sport Edition.

No - the performance of the 1.8T was also taken into account, which has improved power due to the single-pipe exhaust system without a mid-silencer.


Single speedometer because a 2-part speedometer unit was installed in the optical godfather - the RSI!

Race seat design

After dismantling one of the half-shell seats, the origin of the same is finally clear.

The frame (rack) was produced and provided by a company called "FAURECIA" near Stuttgart.

Assembly & completion was then completed at the well-known sports seat manufacturer "KÖNIG" from Illsfeld in Germany.


Door Panels & Plastics

All door panels and all striking plastic parts are completely black regardless of the car color.


Also a very striking feature compared to the conventional New Beetle panels!


Black - in this type of installation - is nowhere else in the NBE ( New Beetle ) program!

Foldable seats - LOGOs everywhere

In order to suite the cars more to the every day use in the UAE, "foldable" bucket seats were installed.


This most probably also was done to assure the " every day use "  was kept in place. Otherwise there would have been an issue with entry options to the rear seats by using pure racing seats.


Of course - you want to show off such a car by driving it with friends & share the joy!

Suspension- H&R- VW Racing- Bilstein

The chassis also clearly shows VW Wolfsburgs knowledge and participation in this project. Front & rear BILSTEIN damper with matching springs from - VW Racing & Audi TT were installed! 

Typical ... our "German TÜV" ==>

In order to get a German approval for my Millennium CUP Beetle, I had to replace "matching, tuned and to the car fitting" suspension, with an unsuitable and optical disgusting, but in Germany from VW approved setup from H&R company.

The result: Does not really suitthe car, but the papers are correct for the German authorities! What a shame . . . X * ??  

Suspension - differently types found

After many discussions, the engine's performance level is not yet fully solved, but the cooperation between VW and their  tuner clear! The programming of the 1.8T engine ECU in connection with the special exhaust was adjusted somewhat "conservatively" by VW Racing & ABT Motorsport. The original ECU (... so ABT) was programmed to 193PS, but was then limited to 185 / 180PS in order to meet the local requirements in UAE (heat, gasoline, driving style, etc.)!

Even ABT doesn't remember the exact value they had programmed those days anymore :) ... so what?

Exhaust - VW Part number - marked e1

The exhaust obviously is a "REAL" VW Wolfsburg sourced part!

VW part id: 1CV 253 181 / Type 01 *e1 4406 

EU - "e1" test mark for Germany!


a) The sound - trickles 400 horsepower & is an "earcandy"

b) Pretends the car with a lot of power (185 HP - people say?)

c) Fits perfectly in the left rear hole of the Disguise from the RSI body kit .

d) All together, an " absolute Must " for freaks od such designed cars & the owners of a "Millennium Cup Edition Beetle"  

Shift Knob - UPDATE - VW 1J0 064 226B

UPDATE !! Just learned from a New BEETLE CUP car owner "PAUL" (I think from UK) that the Millennium Cup shift knob comes from VW stocks - formerly VOTEX - now Volkswagen accessories! Part number: 1J0 064 226B
The optics of the RSI part would certainly have looked better on the Millennium Beetle, but was probably chosen for cost reasons instead - the RSI part costs about 179 EUROs!​

After first GOOGLE attempts to buy the part was not very promising... Part is no longer available! But I'm sure I'll find one sooner or later  :) ... Thanks to "PAUL" for the update!

Aluminium Pedale

Die Pedale wurde auch vom RSI Beetle übernommen.


Einfache Aluminium Pedale für dieses Sonder Model der Herrscherfamilie in Dubai!


  • Funktional

  • ... und perfekt passend zum Image des Autos


... meiner Meinung nach!