All " CUP MILLENIUM BEETLE " ever built by VW in Mexico were maintained by the VW importers " Al NABOODA " ( Dubai ) and Ali & Sons Co. ( Abu Dhabi ) - United Arab Emirates - and most probably " documentary " imported to the UAE. According to the latest information from a VW engineer who had worked on the cars, the client who ordered teh cars was the "Sheik of Dubai"! ... here more background to the latest findings ==> find more here! 


The construction of the car took place n the year 2000 and was ordered obviously on request of the ruler or very high representative of Dubai, as a special model at VW MEXICO ( pilot department in Puebla )!


The German plant szill prpetends having no "official documentation" about this order or the models and denies even having built them or been involved in any such project. Inquiries to the customer support team, in the VW Museum and other VW departments remained unanswered or the construction of the cars was even denied.


With the exception of Audi/VW Middle East FZEVW Product Support confirmed that 80 cars were imported, sold and serviced in the UAE by the importers Al NABOODA and Ali & Sons Co. This can simply be verified by the service booklets, service documents & invoices of the importer.


The answer of the German management in Middle East Support:

 " We can't explain why there is no record of the place of manufacture or the processing of these cars. 


BUT - after endless research & questions it is clear as of today ( April 2021 )!


The cars were converted to the " CUP MILLENIUM EDITION " in the Pilot Department of the Mexico - Puebla factory. This fact has now been sufficiently confirmed by discussions with employees from this pilot department. Employees who were involved in the planning & development from project start , construction and delivery to UAE !


The proof that the cars were built as a "PURE VW PROJECT" and not by a "free tuner" should now finally stand.


All the special parts used for the conversion used, were from various VW warehouses or from VW suppliers ( who had also supplied the parts for the RSI or the CUP BEETLE) for the conversion.  They are proof enough for me that VW Germany had to know about these conversions in Mexico, approved them and must have been involved.

Nobody except a VW "approved partner" would have legally found the way to UAE to the importers there. Only a VW approved partner could receive the required number of VW special parts. Not to mention VW's legal department, which would probably taken to court the culprits when this car series first appeared on the roads.



Despite all the answers that have been solved, there are still many open questions like...


  • Why VW Wolfsburg pretends Not Knowing of these cars?

  • Delivered in 3 colors is clear but how many of which color is unclear - the color blue seems to be rather rare!

  • Were continuous VIN serial numbers used - at least per colour? ... doesn't look so.

  • Why, according to VW request, the cars use AVC engines & the car documentation shows APH engines - all showing in the
    original VW Service booklets !

  • Why there is no way to buy spare parts for the cars through the "officially dealer process "? .... and much more!