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Millennium Edition Beetle


Ever since the appearance of the first "Millennium CUP Edition" Beetle in Abu Dhabi (UAE), rumors about the origin of these cars have been circulated. Who has rebuilt the cars for VW - How many are there - Where were they sold and offered - and much more. The reason for the partly utopian rumors is probably based mainly on the behavior of VW Wolfsburg on the theme "Millennium CUP Edition" Beetle.


Inquiries at the VW Customer Service in Wolfsburg, the VW Museum, the importers in Abu Dhabi ( Ali & Sons Co. ) & Dubai

( Al NABOODA ), the Sales & Technical Department and in the workshop of VW importers in UAE, as well as the VW management Support Group "Audi / VW Middle East FZEVW Product Support" at Dubai Airport Freezone provided hardly credible answers.


The written and confirmed response from VW customer service in Wolfsburg, given the cars VIN number, will show the data of a standard New Beetle, as it originally rolled off the assembly line in Puebla ! The fact that these cars did not leave the plant in Puebla and the corresponding conversions were carried out in the pilot department in Puebla, seems to have escaped the managements memories and VW's archiving system at the Wolfsburg plant OR they just don't want to talk about or even been faced with it?

In the meantime, however, it has clearly been leaked that ALL CARS were built on the order of the ruling family in Dubai and were only passed on to family members those days!

The following points prove that it was a project approved by VW Wolfsburg:

  • The majority of the conversion parts used for the "CUP MILLENNIUM BEETLE" are verifiably from the RSI Beetle
    an official "VW Wolfsburg Project"

  • How should a tuner or small series manufacturer get the amount of VW original parts, which are hardly provided to

    RSI owners without submitting a vehicle registration document & special order via the VW Racing department from the

    local VW customer service required to fix issues with the cars?

  • How should such a " Tuner / Upgrader " bypass the VW legal department and the possibly upcoming "plagiarism allegations" *

    without being prosecuted by VW? (* unlawful appropriation of ideas, sharing and use of the same, etc ...)

  • The VW employes in Puebla who worked on the RSI BEETLE & CUP MILLENNIUM BEETLE project.

  • Reports of a VW project manager who worked on both cars in Puebla and expalining the problems they faced using the

    RSI parts on the Millennium Beetle, based on the use of the different floor slabs ...

    The RSI is obviously an 4-wheel drive and uses one from the Golf SYNCHRO model - but the Millennium Beetle is based

    on an original New Beetle floor plate, which caused major problems in terms related to the cars ground clearance!

  • VW employees involved in the project describing the surprising order for this "car series" of 80 pieces which was

    commissioned by a member of the ruling family from Dubai.

  • Multiple parts been customized for the car & engine being used with lower quality petrol in UAE by german inhouse tuners
    ( engine ECU is even marked with an ABT & VW Racing Department sticker on ) , the exhaust muffler with E1 marker on,
    damper springs with " VW Racing Department " marked, etc... Everywhere you will find fingerprints of VW Wolfsburg!

  • The importers in UAE "verbally" confirm that they have imported and serviced these cars, which cannot be hidden due to the

    fact of existing service booklets and documentations.

  • At the time when the first of these cars showed up at the dealerships storehouses in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, I had already

    spent myself 8 years in Abu Dhabi and experienced the "EUPHORY" and also "destruction" by the young owners from the

    circles of the Sheikh families!

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